This is the first post for 2015 and I'm going to change things up on the blog a bit and let me tell you how and why. I am mostly known as a wedding photographer but I also love, love, love photographing families and children. I want to photograph that type of session more often and this year I'm going to focus energy into making family portraiture a bigger part of my business and brand. This doesn't have anything to do with blogging, but just a heads up to start looking for more families on the blog! Now on to the biggest portion of my business...weddings...

Every wedding is very different, but yet they all share the same joyous things. They are all beautiful, wonderful and special. They all include loved ones, family and friends. There is always so many kisses, hugs, smiles and laughter happening throughout the day. I honestly and truly enjoy each and every wedding I am blessed to attend. I am grateful to the couple who hired me to be apart of their day and to capture their memories. In a normal blog post I try to give a quick summary of the entire day, where we went and what so and so did on the trolley and yadda, yadda, yadda. After 4 years of weddings and blogging I really feel as though I come off sounding fake with all my "wonderful", "amazing", and "beautiful" comments on every blog post. Every single word I write is true, but I don't ever want to be thought of a photographer that just goes through the motions and that just phones it in when blogging. I am not a fan of blogging. We all know this. I don't know the reason why really other than I don't want others rolling their eyes at my words when all they want to see is the pictures. So, with that in mind from now on my blogs will be a little more simplistic and true to my craft. It will be about the pictures. The pictures will tell the story that I don't have the words to express. You will see the tears and laughter yourself instead of reading my words telling you about it. You will see the beautiful sunshine and light instead of me saying what a beautiful day it was outside. You don't need someone to tell you the sky is blue when you can look at the sky and see that for yourself. Of course this all comes with a little wiggle room. If I feel there is a little backstory that needs to be told to understand the picture then I'll tell it. If I love a picture so much and I want you to know why then I'll say it. Mostly I just want you to see the pictures as the story, after all that is how the couple will look at their wedding pictures years from now. Their pictures will retell the story of their day. You will still see the credit given to all the great vendors who helped make the day run smoothly and look so perfectly. A wedding is not made by just one vendor. Everyone deserves recognition for their work, so if I have that information you better believe I'll post it. I have some more and bigger changes coming for B.Sharp Photography later in the year, but for now get ready to start enjoying more of the pictures.