You know when you first meet someone and  you instantly click? You feel like you could talk for hours about anything and everything and never have that awkward moment of silence. Que David and Lindsey. I knew from that first meeting we were on the same page about everything! I couldn't have wished for a better couple. I was extremely honored to be the one they chose to photograph their incredible day.

The day began at the Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City to get Lindsey all ready to have her first look with David. Lindsey was all jittery with excitement and smiling so big that I'm sure her cheeks hurt!

The first look was precious. David was just as anxious to see Lindsey as she was to see him. SUPER cute. This is probably one of my absolute favorite parts of a wedding. All the anticipation for this moment and then when they see each other.....the most amazing emotion comes from them. If unconditional, to the ends of the earth love was an object you would be looking at it. I can't tell you how amazing it is to know that I get to see this. No one else is around besides the couple and myself. I am the sole spectator. Wow. I love my job.

The ceremony was beautiful. Sweet and tender. They made their own vows, there were tears, there was smiles and laughs. It was everything a wedding should be. They exited with a petal toss into a SA-WEET Rolls Royce. So utterly classic.

They rolled on in the Rolls to Unity Village where we could capture all that beauty and love in a magnificent scenery. Believe me when I say these two know how to rock some pictures. They are old pros. Prepping and learning from their engagement session with me made them full on pros at the wedding. Lindsey is drop. dead. gorgeous. It's no wonder David fell so hard for her. I know I would. She has the most amazing blue eyes. You could just look into them forever.

The party continued at The Stanley Event Space for their reception. It's a great little place. Very intimate. The soft glow of the lighting really sets in that romantic feel. The cake was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. No joke. I'm so excited about the cake pictures. It tasted just as good as it looked too. Love me some wedding cake!

David and Lindsey. Much love, much love. I'm so happy for you and you make such a beautiful family. It was meant to be, without a doubt. I love you!


Thanks to my second shooter Angela for being my wing man.

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Ceremony:  Colonial Presbyterian Church
Reception: The Stanley Event Space

Flowers:  Clara's Flowers
Cake: Cakes by Jon O'Rourke