Ahhh, Brittany & Brandon...awesome couple. Crazy funny and a blast to be around. They did their wedding their style and it was awesome. It was a killer ceremony & reception at Bliss Plaza and I enjoyed every second! Thank you both for letting me be apart of your engagement and wedding. It was an honor.

Huge thank you to my amazing second photographer Cindy. What can I say, I love this lady!

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Details, details, oh how I love the details! 

Yep, I started to get weepy

Brandon seeing his bride for the first time. They were both all smiles!

Yep, I was about to lose it here. Come on, how amazing is he. He loves her SO much. 

 Fantastic! Loved it!

She is AMAZING. Good heavens.

This is his grandpa's car that he let them drive around in after the ceremony. Super cool. 

Stud. 'Nuff said. 

I love how they wanted to do this picture. It came out perfect.

Ok, not even gonna lie. This was the BEST CAKE SMASH EVER! They covered each other. They didn't hold back a bit. Well done. 

There were lots of tears during this dance. Momma loves her baby boy. 

Brandon was all over the dance floor tearing it up!

Very last picture of the night and probably one of my favorites of all time.