When I walked the Marriott Country Club Plaza, where we were going to be most of the day, I literally hear angels singing! Go sees Anna Nechvatal there. She is awesome to work with! Then to take things to the next level of amazingness the ceremony and reception was at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Again, angels singing. These two places are now my most favorite in the world to shoot at. The bride was beyond gorgeous and I could have photographed her all day long. Andy was dapper as could be and rocked pictures all day too! The reception was beautiful with all the wonderful art on display. They even left the galleries open for everyone to enjoy!!! I am sharing so many pictures because I simply couldn't narrow it down. I have so many favorites of this wedding that it's ridiculous! 

I love Stefani and Andy and I'm a little sad that there wedding is over because it was so fantastic to photograph!  I hope to work with them all the time and I think they are going to be my new models for the future! ;)

Also, a great big thanks to Tiffany Davis for being with me all day to capture all the beauty. She is a blessing to work with!

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