I've know Brittany for many years. We went to school together and have some of the same mutual friends, and Ben just happens to be from the same home town as my husband. What are the odds that two Liberty girls end up marring two Trenton boys? Weird, huh? 

Ben is seriously probably the most hilarious person I have ever met. I swear to you when I say I couldn't hold the camera still enough to take a picture because I was laughing so hard. Brittany is, in a word, awesome. (Awesome is also my favorite word) She is laid back, easy going, doesn't give problems a second thought. Imagine the polar opposite of a Bridezilla and that's Brittany. 

I had so much fun at this wedding not simply because I know and adore Brittany and Ben, but because everything about this day was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect venue (The WynBrick Center), perfect bride, perfect children, and so on.

Ben & Brittany, thank you so much for letting me be with you on your wedding day. It was awesome....uh...I mean....fantastic! haha You both are phenomenal people and parents and I wish you all a life time of happiness. xoxo

Also, a little shout out to Melissa McGee for her wonderful company and help during the day. You rock, girl!

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