Being a newborn photographer is so amazing. You get to join in on the joy of a new baby being brought into a family. You get to see the unwavering love in the parents faces, and you get to hold and watch this new little person for a few hours! It is wonderful. It's also interesting oh like let's say you might get peed on (yes, it happened)! Luckily I don't mind a bit.

Even at a week old newborn babies have a strong will and mind of their own. If they are not into you taking their pictures they sure will let you know it! Mr Brock is no exception to this rule! His momma had him all fed and asleep ready to go for me when I arrived. It was nice and toasty warm in the house as to make him comfortable. Perfect scenario. He stayed  sleepy and perfect through the first 30 minutes but then realized what was going on and decided he didn't want to take part anymore! Those newborn cries are so precious though. Even though I remember being in the parents shoes...lack of sleep, not eating, and overall hormones going wild...I can look at it now as an observer and say those cries are precious. Being in the parents shoes...not so precious. Brock's momma is already a pro though. She soon had him back into a sleepy groove and the pictures continued! 

Wonderfully enough I get to photograph this angel several times this year for which I am excited for each and every session! He is absolutely perfect and adorable. Congratulations to his mommy and daddy. You both are wonderful, beautiful people and will be fantastic parents. Thank you for letting me be apart of your joy.

There is no other kind of love like the love for you child. 

I think maybe this is my favorite. So perfect. I mean really perfect. Almost makes me cry.

This shot was all daddy's idea, and it came out superb! Even though I'm a KU fan I can appreciate this MU spirit!

We worked hard for this picture. I had to whip out my super sneaky ninja skills.

This is what it is all about people. This is love. Not just any kind of love but the truest, deepest, most unconditional love that exists.

Love this little ones full head of hair. So sweet.

At this point he was worn out and gave up! My camera was clicking away!

If only all of us could sleep this well naked while a stranger is taking our pictures... LOL

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