Well, I have a sickly little girl today so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of them. It's not often that both kids will sit still long enough for pictures, so I had a chance and I took it! And since it was such a bright a sunny day outside I took advantage of the excellent window light. I just love playing with window light. It seriously makes anyone look fabulous. I'm updating an all black & white picture frame in our house so I opted to edit these all in B&W. Enjoy!
Want me to do this for you and your family? Give me a ring 816.695.7795 or bsharpphotostudio@gmail.com.

Ava is still not up to par but the Tylenol has kicked in enough to where taking pictures was not out of the question!

 Max is finally learning how to smile for the camera! FINALLY!

And one of me for good measure. I've been in my jammies and robe all day. Hey, when you have a sick kid it gives you a reason not to get dressed!