So I pretty much died and went to heaven yesterday during my e-session. What started out being a normal fun time turned into one of the best sessions I've done. A one to one and a half hour session turned into three hours and I could have kept going! The weather outside was beautiful (luckily not too cold) and Markus and Adriana were beaming with love and gorgeousness. Beautiful Liliana tagged along and let me tell you this girl is an angel. Such a trooper. Not a single complaint of sigh or roll of the eyes. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU, Liliana! I took about a bazillion photos and am having the time of my life editing them! Adriana and I are kindred spirits for sure. Her excitement and fun ways made the day that much more fun and made the pictures simply look amazing. I was able to get sober puss Markus to smile all day long! Ha! Gotcha! (Secretly I think he had the best time out of all of us!) :)  This wedding is going to be amazing. I honestly can not wait to be there with them! Thank you guys so so so so so much! XOXO

Here are a few and I stress FEW of my favs. Really there are so many of them that it was stressful just to pick a couple!

And this one just for Liliana who wanted a picture with the Eagle at Union Station! You already have me wrapped around your finger, little girl!