Yesterday's newborn session gave me just what I baby fix! Good heavens Barrett is such a doll! So tiny and cute and perfect. Looks just like his big sis (I think). He was a perfect angel and slept away while we worked. Best part of the shoot: When his momma was talking about his explosive poops and then he did just that while she was holding him. I'm laughing out loud now just thinking about it!! hahahahahahahaha

This is one of my favorite families. I just love the Unruhs, not just because they are neighbors but because they are so sweet, genuine, and kind. I am so overly grateful to have them next door to me and to be able to call them friends. XOXO

Guess who is my new newborn hat maker? Ms Kristy is, that's who!

A special thank you to Pinterest for the idea, Kristy for spotting it, and Greg for letting us use the guitar!

The afternoon sun was warm and bright. Made for some lovely and dramatic lighting. Mr. Barrett loved the warmth of it.