So, really? This is my job? Because I swear to all of you that I LOVE EVERY SECOND of what I do. Yeah, it's not full time (hopefully one day it will be), but every session I get to do I fall more in love with photography. Case and point; the Donaldson family.

So Ms Megan is one of Ava's favorite teachers at her pre-k and I've had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past several months. I was tickled pink when she asked me to photograph her and her four kids (I call her super mom, because let's face it, she is). Her kids had me laughing and smiling ear to ear. Brogan, what a ham, Josie, a super model in training, Paxton, Miss Poser, and Landon, definitely Mr Cool. I could have kept shooting for several more hours but *sigh* the stinkin' daylight savings time change spoiled those plans.

Here are just a FEW of my favorites. I stress FEW.

Thank you all so much for giving me such joy yesterday! You guys rock!    xoxo