So I was so excited to shoot at Watkins Mills yesterday. Turned out to be a bit more windy than any of us would have liked but seriously the picture turned out fabulous! I am in love with Heather and Jacob. They are so genuinely sweet and kind. I still grin ear to ear thinking of little Anna running around and popping in every once and a while for her cameo shots! hahaha. What a cutie. I'm really stoked for the wedding. It's going to be big and awesome and everything wonderful! Thanks guys. I had a blast.

This is my most favorite. It was a hard choice as favorites go, but dang.

I am so happy that they were comfortable being all lovey, dovey. It was perfect!

What a beautiful family. Anna, you're a hoot.

Ring shots, gotta love ring shots because, honestly, who doesn't love to stare at diamonds?

Loved the beach area. Such a Hamptons in the fall feel.