So I'm completely guilting of forgetting to blog a couple of the weddings I have done over this past summer. The pics made their way to my website gallery but I stopped short of completing the task of posting on the blog. So I guess it's better late than never. If you've been to the website then these are a replay but for those of you who haven't then here are a couple of the awesome weddings I was able to photograph.

Sarah's dress was her mother's wedding dress too. It had B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. lace and so intricate.

Loved this shot. These two were a lot of fun to shoot. Very free spirited and loose.

They are going to have such beautiful babies. I mean look at them. How could they not?!?

This was one happening wedding reception. The best kind. Everyone dancing and singing and having fun. Loved it.

Hailey was perfection. Her shots came out looking like they belonged in a magazine, and that's not because of how awesomely talented I am! HAHAHAHAHA

You could just see the love ooze out of Michael for his bride. It was so heart-warming.

Again, I have such a great job! Hailey and Michael were so much fun to shoot and had lots of ideas of their own (such as this one of Michaels)!